sounds like fun, and we can sleep in it.

We found Irwin The Van and debated for a bit whether or not we should get into van work. The inside was dark and rusty, the engine needed some attention, and the brakes went out shortly after we got it. (That's where he gets the name Irwin: from the screwdriver we bought to fix the brakes.)

It took about nine months of labor, and more than we expected in engine, structural, and cosmetic work to get him to where he is today. Seeing people light up when he rolls down the street, makes the sting of sleepless nights fade. Love being able to share him, even in his never-really-done project state.

Here are some details people at gas stations like to know about Irwin:

1969 Dodge A108 (Like the A100, but a longer wheel-base)

Automatic, 318 (5.2L) V8 Engine (It sits between the seats on the inside)

Edelbrock 4-Barrel Carb and Dual Exhaust

Hard top, pop-up tent/sweet-ass roof fort

Flooring is a red rubber mat, reclaimed from a playground

He is gray, but was originally gold with a cream stripe.