500 people, a van, some Onesies, & llama milk

Returning to Photo Field Trip in Santa Barbara, CA on Feb 22-26th for V2.0! 

Our debut event, where we served 50 kinds of cereal to 500+ creatives, wearing onesies, snuggies, and Ninja Turtle PJ's. Since it was on a property where there were llamas, one night, Flax milk innocently took on the label of llama milk. The high fives and "I love you's" were flowing from strangers all weekend, as we served three nights.

Our random idea that induced giggles at every thought, turned adults into five-year-olds debating whether Cocoa Puffs or Cap'n Crunch was better. Even shopping, workers at the grocery store lit up when we asked for a flatbed cart to load full of cereal. Then we were accidentally serving our fight night, at midnight on National Cereal Day. The line was constant for hours, and took that as a sign that we needed to make this happen more often.

Because it is a ridiculous idea. And late night cereal from a van is something we didn't know the world needed.